Delivery Driver

Overview: A Delivery Driver plays a crucial role in ensuring the timely and safe delivery of goods or products to customers, businesses, or designated locations. This position requires a responsible and dependable individual who can operate a delivery vehicle efficiently while maintaining a high level of customer service and safety standards.

Key Responsibilities:

1.            Driving and Navigation:

•              Safely operate a company-provided vehicle with boat and trailer

•              Plan and follow the most efficient routes using GPS or navigation systems to ensure timely deliveries.

•              Adhere to all traffic laws and regulations to maintain a clean driving record.

2.            Loading and Unloading:

3.            Customer Service:

•              Greet customers courteously upon delivery and provide excellent customer service.

•              Answer customer inquiries, address concerns, and handle returns or exchanges professionally.

4.            Documentation:

•              Maintain accurate and organized delivery logs, records, and receipts for accounting and auditing purposes.

•              Collect and record customer signatures as proof of delivery.

5.            Vehicle Maintenance:

•              Perform routine vehicle inspections, including checking for fuel, oil, and tire pressure, and report any issues to the supervisor.

•              Keep the delivery vehicle clean and in good working condition.

6.            Safety and Compliance:

•              Follow all safety protocols, including wearing appropriate safety gear and securing loads properly.

7.            Time Management:

•              Manage time effectively to ensure on-time deliveries.

8.            Problem Solving:

•              Handle unexpected challenges, such as traffic delays, vehicle breakdowns, or difficult customers, with professionalism and efficiency.


•              Valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.  Ability to operate a truck and boat trailer.  Ability to operate a boat with pleasure craft operators card an asset. 

•              Good knowledge of local traffic laws and regulations.

•              Strong time management skills.

•              Excellent communication and customer service skills.

•              Dependability and reliability.

Working Conditions:

Delivery Drivers typically work in various weather conditions and may need to lift heavy objects. The job may involve early morning, late-night, or weekend shifts, depending on the seasonal requirements.

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